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The AHR Expo Innovation Awards

The AHR Expo Innovation Awards recognize products that best help HVAC&R practitioners provide safer, healthier, more efficient and/or more comfortable environments. The annual competition is sponsored by ASHRAE, the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) and the International Exposition Company (IEC).
The 2015 AHR Expo award winners will be announced in early November.

2014 Innovation Award Winners

Emerson Climate Technologies Captures
2014 AHR Expo Product Of The Year Award

Emerson Climate Technologies won the 2014 AHR Expo Product of the Year Award for their Next Generation Copeland Scroll variable speed compressor line. Featuring the company’s second generation of variable speed technology, the new product line can achieve cooling levels of 25+ SEER and heating efficiencies up to 13HSPF.

During a special ceremony at the AHR Expo in New York City on January 22nd, it was announced that Emerson's winning product in the Cooling Category was selected as Product of the Year from among the winners of the 10 other AHR Expo Innovation Award categories. Congratulations again to Emerson Climate Technologies on winning this prestigious award.

Scroll down to see the 2014 winners in each category, as well as honorable mention recipients!

2014 Winners list (no pictures), click here (PDF will open in a new browser window or tab)

Building Automation

Belimo - Belimo Energy Valve

The Belimo Energy Valve is a hydronic heating/cooling load measuring and control valve that communicates directly with building automation systems to keep building owners and operators informed of coil performance and combat low DT syndrome. It features a built-in DT manager that allows operators to fine-tune and document coil performance as well as create history reports on power efficiency.

Click here to view Honorable Mention for Building Automation


Emerson Climate Technologies - Next Generation Copeland Scroll

The Next Generation Copeland Scroll variable speed compressor product line from Emerson Climate Technologies features the second generation of the company’s variable speed technology. It can achieve cooling efficiency levels of 25+ SEER and heating efficiency up to 13 HSPF. A turndown of 20% capacity enables better light load efficiency and dehumidification. Other features include a brushless permanent magnet motor and a new gas management method for smooth gas flow into scroll set.

Click here to view Honorable Mention for Cooling

Green Building

Lafert North America - High Performance Metric Motors

Lafert North America high performance metric motors come in speeds ranging from 1,500–4,500 rpm and in metric frame sizes from 71 to 132. These permanent magnet motors are suited for applications involving pumps, fans and compressors with an emphasis on reducing size, weight and operating costs while achieving an IE4 efficiency rating. HPS range drives control stand-alone permanent magnet motors, while HPI range drives are integrated into the motors.

Click here to view Honorable Mention for Green Building


WaterFurnace International - 7 Series 700A11 Variable Capacity Geothermal Heat Pump

The 7 Series 700A11 variable capacity geothermal heat pump from WaterFurnace International provides heating, cooling and hot water for residential applications. Advanced controls provide two-way communication between components and offer diagnostic capabilities, true energy monitoring and integration into home automation networks. The variable capacity compressor, variable speed loop pump, and variable speed blower motor work in unison to scale output to capacity needed.

Click here to view Honorable Mention for Heating

Indoor Air Quality

NEPTRONIC - SKD Direct Steam Injection Humidifier

The NEPTRONIC SKD direct steam injection humidifier injects and disperses a boiler’s low pressure steam into the building’s air supply system to attain the desired humidity level. The unit integrates a factory configured electronic steam controller, a re-evaporator and a high-efficiency steam dispersion system that eliminates drained condensate and water/energy waste. Suitable applications include hospitals/health care, museums, laboratories, universities or airports.

Click here to view Honorable Mention for Indoor Air Quality


Rheem Manufacturing Company - Prestige Series Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater

Rheem Manufacturing Company's Prestige Series hybrid electric heat pump water heater for residential applications features a full-color, backlit touch-screen control that displays service alerts and text-based diagnostic information for contractors. Owners can choose from five operating modes based on real-time demands of their households: Energy Saver, Heat Pump Only, High Demand, Electric Only and Vacation. The product offers an ambient temperature range of 37°F – 120°F (2°C– 49°C) and an 8,700 Btu/h (2550 W) compressor with an energy factor of 2.45.

Click here to view Honorable Mention for Plumbing


Danfoss - ADAP-KOOL AK-SM 800 Refrigeration Control System

The ADAP-KOOL AK-SM 800 from Danfoss is supermarket refrigeration control system accessible from a Web browser or mobile device. The service app for mobile devices gives flexibility to service personnel and the Web application enables owners and operators to monitor and manage data and alarms across store locations. The system uses adaptive suction pressure optimization to ensure operating efficiency in every display case, reducing energy consumption without compromising food safety.

Click here to view Honorable Mention for Refrigeration


HVAC Solution - Revit Connection 2.0

Revit Connection 2.0 from HVAC Solution is add-in software for Autodesk Revit and BIM software for schematics and schedule creation. The software imports intelligent air, hydronic, steam and control schematics into Revit and allows mapping of HVAC components. This data can then be transferred, allowing for automatic creation of equipment schedules. Errors are reduced by using the schematics as the source for scheduling, aiding in projects from conception to construction.

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Tools & Instruments

Imperial - iManifold

Imperial’s iManifold, a smartphone-compatible digital refrigeration manifold wirelessly displays the system’s actual pressures, temperatures, superheat and subcooling while simultaneously calculating performance targets. A color display provides visual indication of distance from target measurement, eliminating guesswork. Features include air conditioning/refrigeration equipment profiling, geotagging, trending, data logging and smart diagnostics.

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Big Ass Fans - Haiku Ceiling Fan

The Haiku ceiling fan from Big Ass Fans is made with environment-friendly materials and uses an ultra-efficient direct current (dc) motor with patent-pending electronic controls and permanent magnets to ensure quiet operation. The fan uses 2 W to 30 W of power depending on speed setting, and features balanced airfoils. The motor design eliminates heat and wear for long operation life.

Click here to view Honorable Mention for Ventilation

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